Older Population Find Active Sex Life Important

Mature couple looking at photo albumJust because you are aging doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your sex life. This is the overview of the outcome of a recent study conducted in the UK made through an online poll. The poll was participated by about more than 2,000 people from the older population at the age of 65 years old and above. Contrary to the common notion that a person’s sex drive reduces as one ages, the study showed that sex life remains an important aspect of routine activities among the elderly. The study that was conducted aimed to reveal how important sex life remains among the older population and the issue of the difficulty among the aging population of getting a good sexual health advice.

Apparently, older individuals are no longer comfortable about discussing sex with their partners because of their age. But the desire of maintaining a healthy and fulfilling sexual relationship with their partner remains. Because of this barrier, some older men or women are keen about engaging in a new sexual relationship with others and want to try out something new. On the other hand, there are some individuals who claim that their age does not hamper their ability to maintain a healthy and active sexual relationship with their partner.

Sexual health issues are usually common as one ages. Older men and women become more timid about discussing their sex life with others or even with their partners. While their desire to have an enjoyable sex life remains, existing medical conditions can create a barrier to make this possible. Sexual health problems are usually typical as one ages and older men and women experience some physical changes, illness and disabilities that deprive them of the opportunity to freely enjoy a satisfying and fulfilling sexual activity.

Older women may experience painful sex which does not make the activity a pleasurable experience. The symptoms of menopause can also affect a woman’s sexual drive. Men may experience several forms of sexual health problems like impotence or erectile dysfunction and other forms of sexual health disabilities. The presence of other sexual health threats such as sexually transmitted diseases like herpes, Chlamydia and HIV are also present that prevent the older population from achieving a healthy and satisfying sex life.

Other factors also interplay together that prevents older men and women from achieving their best potential to enjoy a pleasurable sexual activity. Emotional barriers such as insecurities are also causes why aging men and women are not open about discussing their need and desire for sex. Women with a mastectomy for instance feel less desire to their partner while men who have emotional and psychological stress could trigger impotence from occurring. Being able to discuss the needs of the older population for a satisfying sexual activity should be encouraged because an active sex life remains to be an important aspect of the life of the aged and sexual health advice should be more accessible to the aging population.

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