Reasons Why Women Lost Interest in Sex Emerge

It has become apparent that women across Europe and America have experienced low sex drive sometime in their life. Surveys have it that more than one third of women experienced having the difficulty to reach orgasm with their partner. Some women also reported experiencing pain during sexual activities. Most researches were focused on the testosterone factor that may cause these sexual problems among women however the conditions usually involves complex factors and causes that may be difficult to specifically point out the main cause of the sexual health problems that women experience.

 There are some studies that intend to point out the role of childbirth and menopause as causes of these problems. As women continuously experience sexual issues, their condition may affect their personal relationship with their partner. Sexual therapists usually indicate that couples having sexual health issues develop insecurities, depression and other physical problems that tend to arise as caused by the burden of having to deal with a sexual health problem. The lack of sexual desire among women could be a cause of relationship breakdown.

 While the loss of sexual drive among women in unintentional and may be caused by varieties of physiological and psychological culprits, the same is a serious problem that needs proper and immediate treatment. Medical professionals believe that testosterone has a significant role in women as the hormone controls libido, mood and energy in women as much as it does among men and its decline could also caused to alter the drive, mood and interest in sex among women.

 It can be noted that attempts were made to create a counterpart of Viagra prescribed especially for women in the form of a testosterone patch failed mainly because of the potential risk to developing blood clots in the circulatory system. However, not completely giving up, some scientists continue to conduct tests on the benefits of a testosterone patch in lower doses in women to improve the female sex drive and libido. Some advocates the use of estrogen patch in the alternative as the hormone also has an impact on the sex drive in women.

 Some doctors put the blame on the proliferation of the libido booster pills among men like Viagra that increase men’s sex drive thereby causing too much pressure to their partner to level up their sexual performance as their male partner and consequently adding to the psychological pressure that could also cause reduced sex drive among women. While Viagra and other sex enhancing pills for men make them more active sexually, it may also cause a negative and opposite effect among their female partners.  Contraceptive pills were also believed to have a negative effect on a woman’s sex drive, reducing the same when taken in the long term. Medications like antidepressant drugs, drugs for blood pressure management and some pain killers are known to adversely affect a woman’s physiological response to sexual stimulation and activity.

 It can thus be deduced from these various concepts that sexual health problems among women could be due to a constellation of causes that may be physical, psychological and physiological in nature. Women need to address their symptoms and see their doctors immediately in order to obtain an accurate diagnosis on what exactly the cause of their reduced sex drive as the condition may not be the primary disorder that they experience but may only be a consequential symptom derived from other causes.

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