Trichomoniasis – A Common Sexually Transmitted Disease

Trichomoniasis – A Common Sexually Transmitted DiseaseTrichomoniasis, commonly known as “Trich” is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a microscopic parasite or a protozoan that affects both men and women. It is said to be the most common curable sexually transmitted illness. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), millions of infections occur each year for this type of disease. This is commonly diagnosed in women suffering from Pelvic Inflammatory disease (PID). The World health organization recommends a syndromic management to treat this disease.

Recognizing The Signs And Symptoms

Its symptoms are more prevalent in women. The common symptoms in women afflicted by the disease would include a greenish to yellowish discharge from the vagina with a foul odor. A person may also feel discomfort when urinating and may experience pain during sexual intercourse. One may also experience itchiness or a discomfort feeling in or around the vagina. It is also associated with lower stomach pain. In the other hand most men suffering from this disease don’t manifest any symptoms but can cause an irritation and discomfort in the penis.

What Are The Effects Of Trichomoniasis?

Women who suffer from this disease would likely cause a vaginal infection called vaginitis which is the inflammation of the vagina. Because of this genital inflammation women are more susceptible to get infected with the HIV virus. Women who have this disease while pregnant may lead to premature birth or low birth weight. This disease when left untreated can bring about infertility.For men it will affect and infect the urethra which is the tube that carries the sperm and the passage way of urine. This disease can also put one at a higher risk of acquiring and spreading other sexually transmitted diseases.

How Is This Disease Transmitted?

This is commonly spread through oral or vaginal sex. The parasite is transferred from a person who has the disease to an uninfected person through coitus. This may be transferred from a penis in a vagina or the other way around and also from vagina to another vagina. Some people do not manifest the symptoms of this disease because of many factors like the overall health of the person or even the age. But despite this people who do not show signs and symptoms for Trich are still able to pass the infection to others.

How is Trichomoniasis Diagnosed?

If one suspects to have this disease it is always important to consult a health specialist. A gynecologist will do a pelvic exam and order some laboratory test. Through the pelvic exam the doctor will examine the vagina or the cervix. If you are positive for Trich the doctor will be able to see small red sores in these organs. A fluid sample is also taken to the lab and checked for the parasite. Test like a vaginal culture or even a DNA test can also be done to test for this disease. It is also important that once you have this disease that you be tested for other STD’s as well.

Is There A Cure For Trichomoniasis?

The good news is that this disease is curable. This can be cured by a single dose of an antibiotic treatment. The treatment of choice is metronidazole and a topical treatment named clotrimazole. Prescribed pills may also be taken. One should avoid alcohol when taking these medications. Always bear in mind that people who have been treated by this disease can always get it again. It is a fact that 1 in 5 people who are treated for Trich are usually infected within three months after treatment with the same disease. To avoid the occurrence of this venereal disease make sure that your sexual partners are treated as well.

How To Prevent Trichomoniasis?

The use of latex condoms has been proven to reduce the risk of acquiring and spreading Trich but condoms don’t eliminate the transmission of this disease. One could still get the disease even by using a condom. One should avoid multiple sexual partners. If you are suffering from the disease it is best that you totally abstain from sex until you are treated and free from the disease. Always practice safe sex and proper hygiene.

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